KamRon Gonzalez

Kam’Ron Gonzalez

Hi my names Kam’Ron Gonzalez i’ve been interested currently in aerospace engineering, but am still planning on redirecting towards a different major. I transferred from butler community college after finishing majority of my gen-eds while on a football scholarship for their team! I got injuried a couple times, which made me walk off campus and apply to the land of the Jayhawk!

For the longest time i thought my passion and future was going to be towards football, but i guess other plans where for sure set out for me. I took the opputunity to come here to become more smart in the engineering field. Being here is amazing and im so thankful i had the chance to make it to the Univeristy of Kansas. Ive really enjoyed campus and the wide variety of activities avaiable for all student. Below is a list of classes I’ve took this year with the grade underneath.

Humanities Linguistics Technical Writing
A+ A+ B+

My favorite class is coding because it allows me to create new skills and business ideas!