Alias Moser

An introduction to me

Originally, I was going to put some long-winded and vivid descriptions of who I am and what I am studying. I don’t know if that really is a me thing to do.

What I really would do is explain something I did in Dungeons and Dragons once and how that represents me as a person. I don’t know if that necessarily explains enough about me though.

Instead, I wrote this. A long-winded, stream-of-consciousness, word salad, that utilizes little in terms of bright description.

This I feel is the middle ground. No one really wants to read about how I am driven, creative, and persistent.

Think of this text as an introductory 100 course. I, the professor want to gatekeep future courses from those I deem unworthy (this is a rant about FMS 100). The point is you were interested so you get to learn more.

My name is Alias Moser, I am a double major studying film production and digital marketing. I have a lot of ideas for projects in various mediums, some of which are listed below.



Title Stage Summary
If I could just talk to you Production As we explore the world of jewelry smithing, we get to know Greyson Roberts and his path towards defining happiness through art.
Sawmill St. Pre-Production An ubran logger and his loyal help are working hard to make big changes at the mill (The logline is a WIP).
Shit Talk Pre-Production There are a lot of restrooms on campus but some are better than others. As we explore each one we learn a little about KU along the way.
A cut above the rest Complete Adam moser is many things but he describes himself simply as an, “owner.” While this is a story about saw-milling my profesor thinks it is way cooler than that. Rather it’s a story about, “a tree scientist who cuts trees!”

A cut above the rest