Britany Franco

My name is Britany Franco and I am an editor

I am from Kansas City, Missouri and a first generation college student. After nearly 5 years I will be graduating from the University of Kansas in fall of 2022 where I have been pursuing degrees in film production and strategic communication.

I have always been indecisive in many aspects of my life, but since I joined a film and broadcasting club in high school I knew I wanted to pursue this avenue in some way. While in school I have learned about the importance of storytelling and the power that film can have in telling these stories. I have also learned to tell them well and in ways that reach the largest audience possible.

I chose my majors because I was captivated by how stories are told through film and other digital media. Film and journalism has provided me with the skill set and knowledge to be able to tell these stories myself. While there is still a lot of indecisiveness on my part, I hope to be able to share my creative journey with anyone who will tag along.

Upcoming Projects

Project Status Description
Short Film Script In Progress I am writing as script as my capstone projext in addition to preproduction work. This is currently a work in progress set to be completed by the end of the semester.
Personal Website In Progress I am currently working on designing and getting a personal website up and running. This website will serve as a portfolio and blog.
Misc. Graphic Designs In Progress I have a few graphic design projects completed but I am continuosly working on new ones. This a work in progress as they will be published online once I complete the website.

Portfolio Overview

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