Daisy Bolin

A little bit about Daisy Bolin…

I am a storyteller.

I attended Loyola Marymount University film school for two years before transferring to the University of Kansas to be a journalism and film student. My Midwest roots inspire many of my stories which are told in multiple mediums such as photography, videography and writing.

As part of my working journey, I’ve learned various skills that are vital to not only running my own creative business, but also skills that contribute to team efforts.

My passion for storytelling began with a blog I started in second grade called “Daisyyada.com” where I posted videos of myself interviewing my brother, who played various characters. When I reached high school at Shawnee Mission East in Prairie Village, KS, I found a small room full of bright screens and creatives that became my family — The Harbinger. I was a staff writer, designer, copy editor and later the Head Copy Editor in charge of all content and story-crafting.

Now, I work as the social media manager of MERSEA, a fast-growing company based in Kansas City that sells travel goods and bath and body products. I’ve traveled to places like Ecuador and China to work in manufacturing sites and now help tell their story. While I have ventured more into marketing, my dream remains to create docu-series one day.

My Experience

Title Company Location
Social Media Marketing Manager MERSEA Lenexa, KS
Partnerships Manager Snipfeed Los Angeles, CA
Client and Media Coordinator Blishful Thinking LLC. Mission Hills, KS

Photography Sample Work

This is a link to one of many videos I make for MERSEA as both a content creator for them and their social media marketing manager. I attend all photoshoots to capture content like this.

My favorite podcast series…

Tim Ferriss crafts some of the most unique interviewing questions of anyone I listen to. The answers he receives on his podcast are filled with concrete imagery and specific references because of his carefully thought out questions. I hope to one day be able to incorporate such strong questions in my interviews to reap the strongest stories.

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