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J215 Final Project

My Name is David Nelson. I am a junior here at the William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications. I am a media arts and production major and a military journalist. I currently work as a Public Affairs Specialist for the Kansas Army National Guard, Social Media and Operations for The Agency at the University of Kansas and as a freelance music artist. Here is my work!

David Nelson: Writer and Photographer


Photos and Videos

From my lens

Here is a link to my work covering Jordan, Kuwait and Kansas!


U.S. Army Facebook Feature

Most featured photo

Here is a where the U.S. Army featured my photo!

David Nelson


Present and Future

My goals for now and the future include creating music and continuing my work as a media artist and journalist!.

Get to know me!

Scroll down to learn more about my love for journalism and my journey into communications!


My Experiences as a Military Journalist and Media Arts Student

“Who I Am and Where I Come From”

I currently works as a freelance writer and songwriter in Lawrence and the Kansas City Metro Area. My interests and aspirations include that of music songwriting and production. I sing and play guitar, piano and ukulele in my spare time. Prior to attending the University of Kansas, I served as a U.S. Army Public Affairs Specialist for Task Force Spartan, having covered stories and events across the Middle East countries of Kuwait and Jordan. Originally from Olathe, Kansas, I have recieved education at Johnson County Community College (Aug. 2019-Jan. 2021, Aug. 2022-Dec. 2022), U.S. Army Basic Combat Training (April 2021-July 2021), and at the Defense Information School in Fort Meade, Maryland (July 2021-Dec. 2021).