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I am Dylan Koenig, a junior studying multimedia journalism and Korean language. I am active in two student magazines, Her Campus KU and kYOU magazine. With plans to study abroad in South Korea this summer, I spend most of my time working and studying Korean.

Her Campus Ku is an online magazine for women in college. It includes posts on different social media, articles and events. I am on the social team that curates the posts for the magazines different accounts. I am also the Twitter/X manager, meaning I post on the account on behalf of Her Campus and interact with other Her Campus chapter’s posts.

kYOU magazine is a student run magazine started this semester. It focuses on the different types of art KU students create and share. It has a website as well as social media and will print a physical copy of the year’s magazine at the end of the spring semester. There I am on the writing team that creates the articles and extras such as advice columns and quizes

Social Media Post I Have Made for Clubs

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Article Graphic for Her Campus KU
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Pintrest Post for Her Campus KU
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Pintrest Post for Her Campus KU

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