Elena Swan

Hi! My name is Elena Swan and I am a senior at the University of Kansas. Due to participating in concurrent enrollment in high school and taking summer classes, I will be graduating this fall, a semester earlier than planned. I will have my Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing with a minor in Psychology. As of now, I am a part-time cashier at Dillons with experience in food service and retail. However, I want to join a writing career so I will seek out experience in that area through internships and/or volunteering. I am also learning computer skills like basic programming and web design. I am from Topeka, KS, but have lived in Lawrence for the past four years. In my free time, I like to write, draw, play video games, and listen to audiobooks.

Job Title Company Dates
Cashier Dillons May 2021-present
Cashier/Frycook Wingstop Feb. 2021-May 2021
Team Member Ekdahl Dining Center (Mrs. E’s) Aug. 2019-Dec. 2020

My Favorite People

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Me with my best friend, Loren

Photo by Loren Kuck

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Me with my siblings and my brothers’ partners (from left to right: Lauren, Chris on top, Ryan on bottom, Megan, Zoe, and me)

Photo by Zoe Swan

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At my niece Vesper’s fourth birthday (from left to right: me, Megan, Vesper, and Anwen)

Photo by Bryan Swan

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Me and my dad at my college graduation

Photo by Bryan Swan