Elizabeth Collins

Elizabeth Collins

Elizabeth Picrew

My name is Elizabeth Collins. I’m an author, student at KU, and doll hobbyist. I’m studying English and Linguistics— writing is my life! While I’m not published yet, I’m working on many original stories and fanfictions. My goal this year was to write 1,000,000 words, and I’m almost there! School isn’t the easiest thing for me, but I’m working hard to get through my last couple of semesters before graduating. After that, I’m excited to work even harder toward becoming a professional author and sharing my stories with the world. I’m also coding my own text-adventure game with Choicescript. It’s a big project, but I’m enjoying every second of the work, especially hearing how much my readers like it.

Class Schedule

The four classes I’m taking are below. My Japanese class has been the hardest this semester, but I’m glad I’m taking it. I’ve studied the language plenty on my own, so a classroom setting has been a vast improvement. And of course, as a writer, ENGL 551 (Fiction Writing) has been one of my favorites.

Class Mon Tues Wed Thu Fri
JPN 204 8:00 8:00 8:00 8:00 8:00
ENGL 551 N/A 2:30 N/A 2:30 N/A
LING 325 9:00 N/A 9:00 N/A 9:00
JOUR 215 11:00 N/A 11:00 N/A N/A


This year, I’ve made a lot of accomplishments in my writing. I’ve written over 975,000 words, started, made progress in, and completed many fanfiction stories, and haven’t gone a day without writing since May! To go into some detail on my current/favorite orginal projects…

  • Anryuu Epic
    • My oldest and favorite work. A fantasy epic about dragons, magic, culture, politics, war, and more, with complex character relations and a seemingly endless story.
  • The Girls of Virtue
    • The work that I’ve made the most progress in. Over two-thirds written, it’s a story about missing memories, confronting personal demons, and the worst in people brought to life.
  • Stasis
    • Soon to be started, this work follows a doomed love triangle between three teenagers with a tangled history, their unpleasant pasts, and the disastrous events that come along with it all.
  • Nightfall
    • A text adventure-style dating sim featuring a dark city split into two opposing sides, a shady corporation watching over everything, and the people caught up in a dangerous world.
    • Play Nightfall

Ball-Jointed Dolls

Ball-jointed dolls are a type of doll made from (typically) polyurethane resin with articulated parts strung with elastic to allow for posability. They come blank, nude, bald, and without eyes, allowing the owner to style every part of them— from how their faces look to eye color and hairstyle. They’re more or less customizable art pieces.

These dolls have been a hobby of mine for over four years now. I have over twenty of them, with designs ranging from my own unique creations to “shelled” versions of characters from media I enjoy. I paint my dolls’ faces, sew clothes for them, and perform basic modifications… but I’m not very good at making eyes or wigs yet.

Here’s a video explaining some re-stringing and maintenance techniques!