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My KU Schedule:

 Media Law  Web Coding  Media Law  Web Coding  Media Law Culture and Health 
Writing Tools   Child Development  Writing Tools  Child Development Writing Tools   Rock and Roll
Hi, my name is Maitland “Jersey” Lopez and I am a digital marketing major at the University of Kansas. Maitland stands for the heart of design and coincidentally represents me to a T. I have always been determined to pursue creative designs, writing, and strong academic work. I am invested in psychology, design, and law in the media world. I would be lying to say that getting your name out there in this day isn’t a challenge. This page is going to focus on getting my work seen through consistency. Before taking on a task I ask myself, “how can I be great at this,” the answer I have resorted to is consistently pursuing that task. Whether it is colligate cheerleading or academic honors, creating a mindset around being consistent has always benefited me. I hope you will stay in touch with my page as I continue to grow and release projects and updates weekly. Grab your favorite form of caffeine and catch up with my posts.
Some of my favorite things:

• Cheer
• Running
• Nature
• My puppy
• Doodling
• Designing posters
• Stretching
• Hanging out with my family
• Makeup
• Fashion