Lillian Hines


Emily and Lilly

Emily and I became friends 3 years ago and she continues to be one of my favorite people to take pictures with.

General Information

I am a fourth year student at the University of Kansas. I am studying Journalism with a concentration on Digital marketing, Advertisement and Public Relations and a business minor. I have lived in Kansas for 9 Years, but I was born in in Indiana. I also have lived in West Virginia, Kentucky and Mississippi. I have family in the East Coast and typically live with them in the summers. Dependent on what opportunities I have after graduation, it is likely I will move to the the East Coast.



This last semester, I was studying abroad in Seoul, South Korea. It was a great experience and I am very thankful for the opportunity. I had never been outside of North America before so going to Asia was scary but fun. I enjoyed every part and hope to go back. While I was there I took a weekend trip to Tokyo, Japan and enjoyed Japan as well. I hope to expand my travel experience to Europe in the near future. I hope to travel to as many places as possible and think my experience living in Seoul gave me the confidence to do so.

How I Spend My Time

Recently I have been trying to find new hobbies and ways to spend my time. For four of my days I am working in Overland Park and with the rest of my time I have been trying new activities. I have been baking, joining different fitness classes, and soon hope to begin painting.

If you want to contact me…
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