Luke Watts

Hi, my name is Luke Watts and I am currently a senior at KU, I am studying startegic communications and minoring in buisness. I intend on graduating this semster from the journalism school. Some of my hobbies are hanging with freinds as well as wathcing and playing sports. Once I graduate I plan on working for a sports team or in sales for a company. My dream job would be to work in sports for a team selling tickets or working on the player realations side of the buissness. Many people dont realize how easy it is to get a job of sorts really it is all about knowing people.

Class Schedule for the Fall

Class Time Credit Hours
Campaigns 640 12:30-1:45 3
SCM 305 Online Class 3
JMC 215 Online Class 1
JMC 503 2:30-3:45 3
JMC 309 11:00-12:15 3

A photo showing that I enjoy the beach

Beach With Shells

This is a link to the last resort page that I visited just click the picture!