Meagan N.

A quick look at me and my school…

Photo of Baby Jay

My name is Meagan N., and I’m a freshman at the University of Kansas (KU)! (The photo above is a picture I took of Baby Jay, one of the mascots for KU.) I am very passionate about the arts and have recently begun exploring different mediums at KU. Because most of my art is digitally-based, I have explored more traditional areas of art, as shown below the video tour of my campus.

My Art

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Wood structure of a teapot
Wood structure of a teapot, planar studies
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Colored pencil illustration of a hand and scissors
Colored pencil illustration of my hand and scissors
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Wire structure of a teapot
Wire structure of a teapot, planar studies

Commission Prices

Medium Style Cost
Digital Illustration Semi-realism $40/hr
Woodwork N/A $60/hr
Traditional Illustration/colored pencil Semi-realism $50/hr


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