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Hello, my name is Ryan Liggon. I am a junior at the University of Kansas majoring in Strategic Communications. I am very interested in researching for marketing and digital media. After I graduate, I would like to work in marketing or advertising. I am very interested in consumer research and developing strategies to reach consumers.
I am in the process of developing marketing strategies to reach specific audiences. I have also taken some classes to learn about using the Adobe creative cloud. This semester, I am learning how to code basic HTML and CSS so that I can develop my WordPress portfolio and have more skills overall. This page will showcase everything I have learned in JOUR 215 so far.

My Recent Projects


Relevent Classes

Course # Course Title Skills Learned
JOUR 211 Audio/Video Audition/Premier/Rush
JOUR 212 Graphic Design InDesign/Illustrator/XD
JOUR 213 Visuals Photoshop/Lightroom/After Effects
JOUR 215 Web Coding HTML/CSS/JS
JOUR 304 Media Writing for Audiences Event Coverage/Feature Stories/Interviewing/Audience Analysis
JOUR 460 Research Methods Primary/Secondary Market Research
ENGL 362 Technical Writing Letters/Manuals/Reports/Websites/Proposals

The Place I Live: Winchester, KS

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