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About Me

My name is Ryan Short and I am a Senior at the University of Kansas. I am studying Strategic Communications and Business with a concentration in Digital Marketing Communications, Advertising, and Data Analytics. I am very hardworking and also a fast learner, whether with a mentor or self-learning.

I have multiple Advertising and KPI certifications from Google which help demonstrate my knowledge in the field. I have plenty of experience and feel comfortable working with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint as well as Python, Java, SQL, HTML, and CSS for data analytics. I have had a Marketing Internship in which I was responsible for Event Planning, Marketing Research, Journalistic Research as well as Data Analytic Research. The two degrees I’m pushing, activities I’m involved with, and part-time jobs I’ve held throughout high school and college, I believe highlight my abilities as a hard worker, leader, and natural problem solver.

Coding Experience:

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Kansas Basketball

One of the reasons I had chosen to come to the University of Kansas was because of our basketball team. Growing up my sister was on the KU’s dance team and we would travel almost every other weekend to see either a KU basketball or football game. Ever since then, I have been a huge fan of Kansas sports. The video I am showcasing is a highlight of our most recent scrimmage against Fort Hays State.

Credit: Video sourced from Matthew Loves Ball

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