Sarah Nolte Final Project

About Me

My name is Sarah. I am a 21, almost 22, year old KU student. This is my fourth year in college. I started my college career at JCCC in 2018 where I got my 2 year associate's of Liberal Arts degree in 2020. I attended UMKC for a year, 2020-2021, during the pandemic. In the midst of COVID-19, I moved to Lawrence when a long time friend. When UMKC was no longer hosting online classes, I transferred to KU and started in the fall of 2021. This is my first semester at KU. I have spent a few years trying to decide what I wanted to major in. First it was Film and Media Arts, then Business Marketing, and finally I have decided to major in strategic communications in the journalism school. I hope I will be able to graduate in early 2023 with my BA.

About Fry

Apart from starting school at KU, the highlight of 2021 was adopting my dog! I found him in early March on a adoption site named "Melissa's Second Chances" and I fell in love. I adopted him a week before he turned a year old and took him to Lawrence with me at the end of March. Now we spend out days together with our housemates! Here's a small slideshow of Fry's journey to me.

This is the only photo of Fry (formally known as "Bandit") that was on the adoption page.
Fry the night he came home with me.
Fry meeting his house-mate, Jelly, for the first time.
Fry enjoying his new bed.