Aidan Randall

About me


I am a sophomore at the University of Kansas studying strategic communications in the William Allen White school of journalism with a minor in intelligence and national security studies. I am from Shawnee, Kansas and attended Shawnee Mission North High School

Past Extracurriculars

In high school, I was involved in multiple extracurricular activities. I did band (marching, jazz, and symphonic) but my main extracurricular was wrestling. I was a team captain for 3 years and made the state team two times and the Kansas National team one time. Wrestling also taught me a lot of values about leadership and work ethic. This contributed a lot to the person I am today.

Extracurriculars at KU

At KU, I am a marine-option in the NROTC program. This means that although I am in the Navy program, I will hopefully commission into the United States Marine Corps after my 4 years are done here. I have wanted to be a Marine Corps officer for some time now and KUNROTC is helping me to achieve my goals. I learned a lot of the skills I use today back in high school from wrestling. I am currently undecided about what I want to do in the Marine Corps, but the first step is getting there.

Hobbies & Interests

As you can guess from the styling of the intro, I am a huge Star Wars fan. So much in fact that I colored the headers of this page as lightsaber colors . I have been watching the movies and consuming star wars media since I was a little kid. In my free time if Im not watching something Star Wars related, I am 3d printing some kind of memorabilia that I finish by hand. Below is a photo of one of my finished products.